“…I am watching to fulfill my word”

                                                                                                                                   (Jer 1, 12)

Dear friends of Gethsemane, peace to you!
We invite you to come here with us with your imagination, to be able to contemplate in these days the beauty of nature, admire and feel the sweet perfume of the almond tree in bloom. Along with all this wonder of the Creator I invite you to maintain the firm hope that the Word of God is fulfilled as He promised. In fact, for us, being here, in front of Jerusalem, it is easy to immediately think of this word revealed by God to the prophet: "What do you see, Jeremiah?" I answered: "I see an almond branch". The Lord added: "Well have you seen for I am watching to fulfill my word" (Jer 1, 11-12).

Sometimes during our work ... in taking care of this holy garden ... I speak to God, silently and I ask him: "Lord ... how I wish you could realize your Word, as you like, in your imagination! You can fulfill your promise". Seeing also the deception of the evil that leads man to violence, injustice and suffering, I recognize within myself a zeal: the imminent desire of His return ... Then I think of His "sweat that here became drops of blood who fall to the ground" (Lk 22, 44)… and all my fire lasts only a few moments and I find again serenity and strength when always in the inner dialogue I confide: "Lord, if this effort and our sweat would help to return your lost or distant son ... Lord, I am happy and willing to collaborate to your plan of Salvation".

In this month, dear friends, we offer our small but important prayer, our sweat... may it be intercession, reparation and help to the Lord, so that everything can be like a song of the festive liturgy of those in Heaven.