Dear friends of Gethsemane, peace to you!
We are in the first steps of Advent, strong and full of waiting time, in which the holy liturgy invites us to watch over, be careful, prepare ourselves to welcome the Lord who comes!
We share an image… almost like an icon: we think and imagine to meet Most Holy Mary, with St Joseph beside her … She has a belly more than 8 months pregnant, since that encounter with the Mystery full of Light. Now the light is inside her! Ancient Scripture, by God’s decree, is being fulfilled! It is She who tells us… What does she want to tell us? How does she tell us? With a big smile but perhaps also with a veil of realism, which says his smallness in the face of such a great Mystery and of a world so unprepared and perhaps incapable of understanding!
In the prologue of John (Jn 1,1-18) we find this divine decree, real and persistent… in loving! He decides to give himself to humanity even if his own people do not welcome him! This is a theological truth that still persists today and that illuminates Gethsemane: HERE the Son of God gave himself and offered himself even if man does not welcome him and is distracted …. Indifferent! We all experience it, in ourselves and out of us (just look at how violent outbreaks continue to rise in the world that are born from the arrogance of evil and hate that cause man to dominate and "disfigure" the image of God that man himself has! ).
May Mary Most Holy and Saint Joseph be an example to us in living the welcome. May this be an occasion of intercession for our humanity and for the man of today who seeks the beauty and warmth of love in the greatness of this world… when instead, true Love becomes small and humble.

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas in the Lord!