Volunteering at the Hermitage


“Blessed is the man who bears with his neighbour according to the frailty of his nature as much as he would wish to be born with by him if he should be in a like case”


(Admonition XVIII, St. Francis of Assisi: FF: 167,1)


Volunteering has special significance here at the Hermitage. Generally, the term “volunteering” is referred to as unpaid service or work done in exchange for room and board. Here it means more than just that.


We have two distinct programmes for volunteers:

    A) We provide opportunities for volunteers serving for a short period of time and performing specific work such as pruning of olive trees; we also welcome agronomists helping with the upkeep and maintenance to the Garden; other services may be required depending on the actual needs of the community.


B) We also welcome volunteers who may choose to become “Friends of Gethsemane”. We allow them to live with the community in its daily life of prayer, silence and work; they are given the opportunity to live the spirituality of the Place and share our lifestyle.

In addition to this volunteer programme, we offer opportunities for guests choosing to stay for a longer period of time and participate in the lifestyle of our community. This involves the formation of meaningful relationships between the community and the guests, which is a process that requires time, dedication and commitment on both sides, just like when making new good friends.

The Lord bless you.