Daily schedule


 “S. Francis was walking up and down all along his heart latitude, and while he was doing it, he was preparing an ‘habitacula Dei’ in himself”

                                                                                  (Franciscan Sources: 1Cel 396)


In spite of a deep respect in front of different sensibilities or needs, there is a proposal of personal prayer and housekeeping services. We ask our guests to share some prayer moments and community services. See below some appointments.



Daily and weekly schedule




Holy Mass and Lauds in the Agony Basilica with the Gethsemanes Brotherhood. After this Mass, if somebody would like to stay in silent prayers in the Basilica (closed up to 8 o’clock), he may do it.



Lectio continuous (Reading of the Gospel or one of the books of the Bible)


After this Lectio, there is time to meditate and to work, or for personal prayer




(Silent adoration in our Chapel, according to the Lord’s invitation:

“Stay here and keep watch with me” (Matt 26,38)






Some special activities


On the first Thursday of each month we have a Holy Hour in the Basilica, while on the other Thursdays we are supposed to share the votive Mass at 4 p. m. In this case our Adoration Hour in the Hermitage will happen in the evening, from 8 to 9 p.m. o’clock, instead of 5.30 p. m. After that service, everyone may remain in Adoration, as far as he wants.


On the first Friday of each month we experience a Desert Day and individual prayer.


On Sundays, besides the Holy Mass in the Basilica at 6 a. m., there is another Mass at 4 p. m., both in Italian. Changes to this program will be communicated at time.